Macroevolution 2018: Class 22, Darwin

Learning objectives Understand background of Darwin Coral reef formation theory as example of gradual thinking Scooping in science UTKEEB464_Lecture22_Darwin_2018.pptx UTKEEB464_Lecture22_Darwin_2018.pdf   BBC documentary about Galapagos: NOVA documentary about Darwin:

Macroevolution 2018: Class 21, Systematics

Learning objectives: How new species are discovered How species are described Issues in systematics For fun, read   UTKEEB464_Lecture21_Systematics_2018.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture21_Systematics_2018.pptx

Macroevolution 2018: Class 18, Symbiosis

Learning objectives Definitions of symbiosis Understanding how and why symbioses can change through time Making inferences about biology from graphs UTKEEB464_Lecture18_Symbiosis_2018.pptx UTKEEB464_Lecture18_Symbiosis_2018.pdf

Macroevolution 2018: Class 17, Trends

Learning objectives Understand kinds of biological trends Describe ways to test these trends UTKEEB464_Lecture17_Trends_2018.pptx UTKEEB464_Lecture17_Trends_2018.pdf

Macroevolution 2018: Class 16, Sex

Learning objectives Why is sex weird? Why has it evolved? How does sex ratio evolve? How does sexual selection evolve? UTKEEB464_Lecture16_Sex_2018.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture16_Sex_2018.pptx

Macroevolution 2018: Class 15, Natural Selection

Learning objectives Review basics of natural selection Think about mutation selection balance Consider ongoing selection in humans   Web app for this class:   UTKEEB464_Lecture15_NaturalSelection_2018.pptx UTKEEB464_Lecture15_NaturalSelection_2018.pdf

Macroevolution 2018: Class 14, Diversification 2

Learning objectives Understand a way to examine effect of traits on diversity Be able to extend our discussions in class into new areas UTKEEB464_Lecture14_Diversification2_2018.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture14_Diversification2_2018.pptx

Macroevolution 2018: Class 12, Diversification 1

Learning objectives Evidence for differential diversification Diversification models Patterns of diversification UTKEEB464_Lecture13_Diversification_2018.pptx UTKEEB464_Lecture13_Diversification_2018.pdf