Macroevolution 2018: Class 31, Insects

Learning objectives Understand key natural history of a major group Apply concepts from the class to natural history UTKEEB464_Lecture31_Insects_2018.pdf

Macroevolution 2018: Class 30, Stephen Jay Gould

Learning objectives: Who was Gould? Punctuated equilbrium Adaptationism How we argue in macroevolution UTKEEB464_Lecture30_2018_StephenJayGould.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture30_2018_StephenJayGould.pptx

Macroevolution 2018: Class 29, Domestication

Learning objectives What has been the history of domestication? What traits change? Why do traits change? Can nonhuman organisms domesticate others?   UTKEEB464_Lecture29_2018_Domestication.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture29_2018_Domestication.pptx

Macroevolution 2018, Class 26: Origin of life

Learning objectives Aspects requiring explanation about origin of life Hypotheses Life elsewhere UTKEEB464_Lecture26_OriginOfLife_2018.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture26_OriginOfLife_2018.pptx

Macroevolution 2018: Class 25, Invasive humans

Learning objectives Identify potential causes of Quaternary mass extinction Find biases in which groups went extinct Learn about ways we can test ideas of potential causes UTKEEB464_Lecture25_InvasiveHumans_2018.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture25_InvasiveHumans_2018.pptx

Macroevolution 2018: Class 23, Disease Evolution

Learning objectives Connect ideas about symbiosis and game theory to disease evolution Understand natural history of disease UTKEEB464_Lecture23_DiseaseEvolution_2018.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture23_DiseaseEvolution_2018.pptx