Macroevolution 2016: Lecture 6, Phylogenetics

Learning objectives Why bother with phylogenies Questions we can answer using these techniques UTKEEB464_Lecture6_Phylogenetics_2016.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture6_Phylogenetics_2016.pptx

Macroevolution 2016: Lecture 5, Jargon

Learning objectives: Precise language is essential to science Learn and discuss particular vocabulary useful in rest of semester UTKEEB464_Lecture5_Jargon_2016.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture5_Jargon_2016.pptx

Macroevolution 2016: Lecture 4, Taphonomy

Learning objectives Understand what causes biases in the fossil record Learn about different kinds of body fossils Create hypotheses about other biases UTKEEB464_Lecture4_Taphonomy_2016.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture4_Taphonomy_2016.pptx

Macroevolution 2016: Lecture 3: Evidence

Learning objectives: Think like a macroevolutionary biologist/paleontologist and reconstruct a community Learn how biologists gather evidence for macroevolutionary processes UTKEEB464_Lecture3_Evidence_2016.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture3_Evidence_2016.pptx

EEB464 Macroevolution 2016: History of Life 2

Learning objectives: Understand major events in metazoan life Be able to explain endosymbiosis Start to consider explanations for patterns   UTKEEB464_Lecture2_History2_2016.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture2_History2_2016.pptx