Macroevolution 2015: Lecture 5, Jargon

Learning objectives: Precise language is essential to science Learn and discuss particular vocabulary useful in rest of semester UTKEEB464_Lecture5_Jargon_2015.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture5_Jargon_2015.pptx

Phyloseminar 2015: Exercise 1, diversification

This week we’re learning about simulating diversification. Relevant tutorial to do in class (in three formats: PDF, MS Word, and Markdown (zipped) Week2-08312015Tutorial.pdf Week2-08312015Tutorial.docx

Macroevolution, 2015, Lecture 4: Taphonomy

Learning objectives Understand what causes biases in the fossil record Learn about different kinds of body fossils Create hypotheses about other biases UTKEEB464_Lecture4_Taphonomy_2015.pptx UTKEEB464_Lecture4_Taphonomy_2015.pdf

Macroevolution 2015, Lecture 3, Evidence

Learning objectives: Think like a macroevolutionary biologist/paleontologist and reconstruct a community Learn how biologists gather evidence for macroevolutionary processes UTKEEB464_Lecture3_Evidence_2015.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture3_Evidence_2015.pptx

Macroevolution 2015, Lecture 2, History of Life 2

Learning outcomes: Understand major events in metazoan life Be able to explain endosymbiosis Start to consider explanations for patterns UTKEEB464_Lecture2_History2_2015.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture2_History2_2015.pptx

Macroevolution 2015: Lecture 1, History of Life 1

This class session is a high level overview of the history of life. Learning objectives: Get a deep perspective on time Understand major events in earth history Generate hypotheses regarding what happens after mass extinctions UTKEEB464_Lecture1_History1_2015.pdf UTKEEB464_Lecture1_History1_2015.pptx     This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Macroevolution RSS feed

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Macroevolution 2015 syllabus

Here’s the syllabus for EEB464 Macroevolution this year. I have it here in HTML as well as .docx and .pdf. Course announcements will come through the official BlackBoard site but materials will appear here, where they are available to all.   EEB 464 Macroevolution Fall 2015 Instructor: Dr. Brian C. O’Meara Office hrs: 1:30-2:30 M and…

Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics 2015

This will be my third year teaching in this course, organized by Steve Arnold and Joe Felsenstein. I am teaching about Brownian motion, Bayesian vs likelihood, and Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes. Please see the ECQ2015 site for more information. Thanks to NIMBioS and American Society of Naturalists for funding.